Alter Ego 2012 (by Chateau Palmer)

French  Wines: Alter Ego 2012 (by Chateau Palmer)

The principal characteristic of the 2012 vintage
is that of a remarkable contrast between spring,
summer and early autumn. In the spring, the abundant
rainfall from April to June is well above average.
This cool and damp weather brought about a late
yet heterogeneous bud break. Flowering also presents
the same characteristics. It begins much later and
lasts longer compared to the previous vintage. Taking
place in unfavorable conditions it results in a high
percentage of coulure in our oldest Merlot, as in
the 2002 vintage. The risk of developing diseases
(downy and powdery mildew) is high and requires
our continuous attention: as it happens, a particularly
healthy vineyard remains the best prevention.
The summer weather changes completely. At the end
of June, the sun begins to shine and temperatures
finally rise. The first berries begin to change colors on
July 23- confirming that the vintage would be late, as
in 2002 or 2008. It hardly rains in August or during
the first three weeks of September, with only 9mm of
rain during this period. These particularly favorable
conditions, due to the lack of water and nitrogen, allow
the vine to focus its energy on developing phenolic
compounds (tannins and anthocyanins), and thus
produce good quality grapes. The weather takes a
change for the worse again during the last week of
September. The harvest is intense; it takes place at
Château Palmer between October 1 and the 15 without
interruption and in wet conditions. The possibility
of developing Botrytis is constant. However, the
low yields of 28 hl/ha, helped maintain healthy
conditions around the grape clusters. The Merlot,
rich and exuberant, remind us of the best vintages
of the end of the first decade of the 2000s. The
Cabernet Sauvignon are linear and precise and in line
with a 2008. This unusual marriage harmoniously
highlights the smoothness, elegance and refinement
of Château Palmer wines.

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