Leave at top of stairs

Honey Bourbon Heaven

Absolutely fantastic Bourbon. I enjoyed every heavenly undiltered sip!

Pineau - rouge

Do you stock the red pineau?
Many thanks,
Thanks for your querry, unfortunately we are out of stock. Once we get we will update on our site.
Wine and More
Do you shop to Melbourne Australia?

Very nice wine

Well balanced dark berries with a smooth finish. Loved it.

Bordeaux Wine Tasting

I will bring cash on the evening.

Honey Bourbon

Thanks David , I like the warm hearty bourbon and healthy honey blend . Cheers Neil
looks fantastic

Don't miss it

Excellent wine totally worth it


One of the best i have ever tried

Greek Wines

Hi Dave

Our adventure into Greek wines was a great success thanks to your knowledge and input and definitely educated our friends at the Greek dinner.

Many thanks
Cath & Gary


I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you're yet to be.
Hi David,
Wine arrived today & we're absolutely rapt with it! Thanks so much for the superb service & amazing price.
Will definitely be in touch again & recommend to friends.


This was a lovely wine to enjoy with friends over dinner with pasta or steak. Very easy to easy we had to open another bottle.

Albert Le Brun

Yummy..a must have in your cellar..
Am in Blenheim...
Had a bottle of number 1.. Loved it

Thurlow Consulting Engineers & Consultants

Hi David,

Many thanks for your suggestions and supply of wine for the wedding. There will be no returns as we only have 1 dozen of the Sauvignon Blanc, 4 bottles of the merlot, 2 bottles of the Rose, and 2 of the pinot Noir, remaining.

The wedding was spectacular, the wines fabulous, especially the bubbles, they went down a treat I think we could have had more bubbles but no one was complaining. Thanks again, we really appreciated your input.

Kind regards
We asked Wine and More to put together a wine list to match the Italian inspired menu at our wedding last week. David, provided an excellent variety of wine and Sparkling Wine for our celebration. Looking forward to enjoying the 'leftovers' over the coming weeks. Thanks, David

Barry Spuntino Cafe

I've known David for 12 years and had the pleasure of being in business next door. Then....when it all began & again now that it comes full circle. Prompt, friendly service from a guy that definately knows his wine... myself & my customers benefit time and time again! Welcome Back

Lee Shaw Production Partners ltd

Wine and More have been more than my saving grace not only for my own consumption but for my clients benefit Dave has been my lifeline in times of sending that all important 'sweetener' or 'thank you' for that all important client. Dave has also been my supplier of Xmas gifts fulfilling, budget and product needs with complete satisfaction. A professional and very friendly manner - you'd call him your mate - (and not just because he owns a Wine outlet).

This Side Up

When I talk about my wine man, I get such curious looks. But as soon as my guests taste the wine, pretty soon they are asking for his name! A special Italian themed dinner party, cheap quaffing wine or a corporate function for 200 people - David has always supplied beautiful, affordable wine for any occasion. If you like extraordinary wines on any budget, you should make my wine man yours. Lexie Ribot TVNZ Business Marketing Manager

David has always gone the extra mile for my business, hand delivering quality wine and gifts to a number of my customers around Auckland. My customers have always been thrilled to receive these and I'll certainly continue to use Wine and More's professional services.

(This Side Up provide website marketing services to businesses)

Roadshow NZ

I have been using WineandMore for many years now. David makes it easy. I just call, let him know if I need white, red or sparkling and a price and the courier (or sometimes David himself) arrives at my door with my order. In all the years I have known David he has never sent a wine I didn't like. Which considering the amount I've bought over the years - is a sensational hit rate!

Dayle Timber Merchants

David at Wine and More always goes the extra mile for his customers - whether its simply remembering the type of Savvy you like to drink and recommending similar wines to help develop your palate, or ensuring you have enough drinks to cover your wedding. We have been customers of David's for over 4 years and would thoroughly recommend Wine and More to any discerning customer. His knowledge and fantastic service leave David and the team at Wine and More streets ahead of their competition.

Account Manager NZ Starch

What I really like about buying my wines from David / Wine & More is how he just knows what I'm going to like. Being a wine-enjoyer rather than a wine connosuier, I simply tell David what varieties I'm looking for and then he pulls together a selection that he believes I'll enjoy while also falling within my budget. I've been buying wine from David for about 4 years now and I've thoroughly enjoyed every selection he has made for me. He has a great way of remembering what I've particularly enjoyed previously, and then recommending something similar for me to try - and he's never failed to deliver yet! When I needed to pull together a selection of reds as a special Thank You gift for someone who I knew appreciated good wines, I put David to the test. The feedback I received from that gift was whoever selected these wines, sure knew their wines! .

Having followed David from Ponsonby to Three Kings and now to Albany, I wish him every success and thoroughly recommend him to anyone
I have been dealing with David for approximately 5 years both as a commercial and a personal customer.

I have found him knowledgeable and helpful and his ability to source a wine to suit my needs has always impressed me.

Over the years he has greatly expanded my knowledge and experience of wine, often recommending blends and grapes I had not previously encountered with accurate descriptions and tailored to my tastes.

I have particularly enjoyed setting him loose to create a mix - there's always something new in the box.

He is prompt with deliveries and his invoices and statements have always been clear and accurate.

I look forward to dealing with him for many more years.
We have been using David @ Wine & More for all our wine requirements for a considerable time now - a testament to his great form! Anything from mixed cases of wine to suit our tastes at a great price for home drinking to wine matching to dinner party requirements.. David never fails to impress. He has an impressive knowledge of wine, both local and international, and can tune into your individual tastes and preferences and provide sound advice and recommendations.


Do you have this in stock?
best Rose I have tasted for a long time


I am purchasing this carton of wine to support the Guide Jamboree. Fundraising on behalf of Abigail and Emma Simpson.
Hi David
Please book myself and Joy Coster in for wine tasting 28 July.
I will pay on line.
Many thanks
Susan Edmonds

Andrew Peace Masterpeace Shiraz 2013

Absolutely stunning.


It is a fabulous wine, i tried it in an indian restaurant..very crispy and full bodied.


Darling wine is by far one of the most beautiful wines I've drunken. Its very reasonably priced, for the outstanding flavours it produces. I would highly recommend this wine to any white wine drinker, and can promise you will not be disappointed.

Reserve Pinot Noir 2012

Exquisite. Husband and I enjoyed our first bottle last night. Still raving about it this morning.

Excellent Value

French bubbles for $20.00, great presentation, ideal gift for clients, friends or loved ones
Rich and buttery

You can't get much better...

...for the price. It is exceptional wine in its price range, with taste and nuances I would expect from a more expensive sauvignon blanc. Good stuff.

Chocolate-spiced goodness

We had slices of this warm with Barbadillo Sticky Pudding Wine - what a match! I substituted the red wine vinegar with white wine (all we had in the pantry) and it was still delicious. The wine was divine as well. Thanks David!

Mt Arthur Nelson Reserve Chardonnay

Find this extremely good and consistent drinking

Shackletons whisky

Is this Whisky still available? We would be keen to have one put aside


Nice idea St Mary's!

Hallmarks of a more expensive wine

Loved this wine! Had it with dinner then continued drinking. Slightly dry, but not a lingering dryness, with a slightly sweet finish. Went well with both savoury and sweet dishes.

Good with food

Had this with beef burgers, then a glass on it's own. Had quite an initial strong flavour which went well with the food, but was a bit too strong for me on it's own (I'm more into sweet whites). Hubby liked it on it's own - and he's into punchy reds.

Fantastic cold

We took a bottle of this tramping (in August) - so had it at "hut" temperature (ie cold). It's very mellow wine, and went well with chilli and on it's own. I wouldn't mind trying it again a bit warmer, but would definitely drink it cold again.

Nice with a light meal

We had this with chicken salad and scones at the weekend. It went very well - not too overpowering, and had just enough acidity to balance out the juiciness of the chicken. I had a glass later with something sweet, and didn't think it went as well. Would get this again, and would like to try it with fish.

Aalborg Akvavit

Hi I just talked to you on the phone. I would like 4-5 bottles if possible when it comes in. Thanks Hamish

Johner Pinot Noir 2009

probably one of the bet Pinot Noirs I have had for ages. Have bought a case and intend on keeping for a while (well that's the plan)