Exclusive Dinner

5:18pm Tuesday Jun 03 2014

Clos Cantenac is the only Saint-Emilion Grand Cru to have a New Zealand owner, Mercant Banker Marcus Le Grice is part owner.

Last week I was one of twenty people fro the New Zealand Wine trade to be invited to an exclusive tasting and dinner held at the Northern Club.

we had a vertical tasting of Petit Cantenac 2011, 2012 and a barrel sample of the 2013, then we tasted Clos Cantenac 2011,2012 and barrel sample of 2013 none of these wines have been released in NZ yet and the 2013 will remain in barrels for another 9 months then bottled and released late next year.

The 2011 was a difficult year for the vigorons of France and both wines showed this, there was rain just  before vintage which diluted the sugars and flavour of the wines, 2012 didn't escape the rain either in fact there was more rain than the 2011 vintage and when you taste the wines side by side you see the influence the rain had on the finished product. Overall the 2012 vintage was 20% down from the 2011 and 2013 was 45% down, so we can expect to see some price hikes.

Following the tasting we had dinner matched with the 2010 vintage wines

Clos Cantenac don't produce a white wine so the one we had with the scallops was a ring in.


Sauteed Canadian Scallops: celeriac puree, white wine beurre blanc, crispy prosciutto - Wine Match Chateau Le Grand Verdus Entre deux Mers 2012

Individual Beef Wellington, olive potato, stuffed courgette, tomato & basil sauce- Wine Match Petit Cantenac 2010 (served from a double magnum)

Cheese, Onetik Bleu de basques, Rouzaire Brie de Meaux- Wine match Clos Cantenac 2010

The French wine industry has given  the 2010 vintage a 5 star rating and after haveing these wines I have to agree with them, so if you able to hold of any Grand Cru of 2010 wines then put them away for a few years you will be please you did. More so if you come across any 2009 which was a better vintage again. We are just starting to get the 2010 wines  in the shop so come and see what we have.



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