Vintage 2014

4:00pm Thursday Mar 13 2014

There has been a lot of press recently on how much bigger in volume that the 2014 vintage is shaping up to be, that may be so with bulk wines like Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough but I have spoken to wine makers and winery owners from some of the other regions in particular Central otago and they are saying that due a cooler (due to wind) that the vintage could actually be down. Which is a good thing for th industry, when there is a glut a number of things happen, growers are forced to sell grapes well below their profit margin, the wine is then on sold to the consumer at a rediculous price all very well for the consumer but it does not help the small producers who are unable to slash and burn like the big overseas companies. We need to have the smaller companies as these are the backbone of our industry, so when buying yor next bottle or two of wine choose one from a smaller boutique winery, you may very well help keep them going and help the industry as a whole.

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