1919 Hand Crafted Small Batch NZ Gin

Aperitif: 1919 Hand Crafted Small Batch NZ Gin

The gin has aromatic floral notes on the nose of cherries and citrus with a hint of Manuka honey.


Taste; 1919 is a rich complex gin with citrus forward notes moving to warm underlying tones of cherry and cinnamon following with a to a juniper finish


The Bee's Knees


The Bee's Knees was created in prohibition times and used as a phrase to mean simply the best, and we couldn't agree more.

60ml 1919 Gin

22ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15ml Honey Syrup (we recommend Manuka Love Honey)

Fill a tumbler halfway with ice and pour in the Gin, Lemon Juice and Honey Syrup and shake until chilled. Once chilled strain into a cocktail glass.

(To make Honey Syrup mix equal parts Honey into Water and allow to cool)


NZD $69.99
  and then

The Story behind the product: The concept of starting a distillery has been a dream of ours for many years. With our passion for Rum, the dream has always been to create a Gin & Rum of our own. In looking at the perfect location to start 1919 Distilling we searched the country high and low end up back in Aukland, with its pristine coastlines, big city vibe, and only a short drive away from some truly amazing hiking and surfing locations it was hard not to call it home. 

One thing that was important to use right from the start through to completion was embracing New Zealand and the Kiwi can-do attitude, we believe we have held true to our core values while designing our logo, bottle, and flavour and we hope you can see and feel the dedication we have to create a truly amazing 100% NZ made and owned product.

In choosing a name our search took as around the world, through different languages and back in time, but we kept on coming back to New Zealand and that's where the name 1919 Distilling came from. 1919 was the year New Zealanders stood up for their right's and voted down prohibition. We are here to help celebrate that old world charm, passion, and charisma in a very modern way.

It was important to bring that charm and passion into the 21st century by taking this highly technical process and creating it by hand. Steering clear of companies that hide behind a wall or computer instead we are looking forward to running tastings, tours and much more in our distillery, where you can come taste and share in the experience that is our Gin, Vodka, and Rum.

We look forward to sharing our innovation, creativity, passion with Auckland and New Zealand.

Cheers from 1919 Distilling.

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