Dessert Wines (Stickies) Yum!

One misconception about dessert wines is that you need dessert to go with them. While there are some amazing dessert pairings to go with these wines, the wine itself is a good dessert. Wines offer nuances and delicate flavors and eating a sweet, decadent dessert could mask them. Simple pairings do best though, such as a cheesecake with a late harvest Sauvignon Blanc, a good Port with warm chocolate torte, or Ice Wine with homemade vanilla ice cream. Try some out on your own, but be ready for a sugar "high" for the rest of the evening!

Try dessert wines. Many people discount anything sweet and refuse to try them or have them after dinner. Next time you're out wine tasting in wine country, ask if they make a sweet wine and try it. When you go to dinner to a nice restaurant next don't be afraid to try a sweet wine after dinner. Ask your server for recommendations. Although most dessert wines are listed here, there are other types to try as well. Enjoy your journey, and let the child inside out and satisfy your sweet tooth!