Good taste: Cheap isn't always best

By Joelle Thomson Sunday Herald October 10 2010

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure but sometimes cheap is not always better, particularly with wine. I just can't see the point in buying wine with virtually no flavour just because it's in the bargain bin.

Yes, there are wine bargains in supermarkets, particularly at present thanks to the toxic twins of recessionary belt-tightening and over-supply, but generally the lowest priced wines tend to be so bland as to be not worth it.

But sometimes you stumble across something you truly think is great value. I'm talking about Cattier Champagne. If you're not convinced that 750ml of fizzy wine in tall flutes could ever be worth anything approaching $80.

 You may not see Cattier in the bargain racks, but these are top-tasting and great-value bubbles from Champagne, France

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